Update from Shannon’s mom

Here is the latest update from Colleen, Shannon’s mom and Jade’s grandma: “Day #84: Yes, August 13, 2011 was 84 days ago today. It seems much longer. We are so blessed, are of us. So many people have supported Shannon, Jade, the Walcotts and the Bergers, our extended families and friends-we are truly in awe of the outpouring of love, support and prayers. I cry, overcome with joy that they are here with us; that God choose to have them remain with us. Thank You Lord. God has a specific plan for each of them to go forth and cause affect in this world. “Out of our greatest tragedies come our greatest ministries.” Both the girls are continuing to recovery and rehab. Last week there were 15 appointments with doctors and therapists-along with a day in the hospital for Shannon-collapsed lung. Their journey remains long, busy, complicated yet promising. Thank you all for your BIG LOVE. “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” God Bless you all.”

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October is Shannon and Jade month at the Oakbrook Cafe

The Oakbrook Café restaurant in Burlington, KY chose Shannon and Jade for their October Charity of the Month. They will sell bracelets each month for $10 each which gives the patron a discount at the Cafe and a portion of those sales are donated to Shannon and Jade, and on October 26th, they’ll donate 10% of that day’s receipts to Shannon and Jade. PLUS you can Round Up for Charity- round up your bill to the nearest dollar and that gets donated too. Thank you Oakbrook Café!  6072 Limaburg Road  (859) 282-8570

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Welcome home to Kentucky Shannon and Jade!

Come to Florence Mall Sunday Oct 2nd at 1:00pm to line the outer perimeter loop road of the mall between JCPenny and Sears! We will all make big welcome home signs for Jade and Shannon when they drive around the perimeter of the mall they will see everyone’s big love! We don’t want to get Jade over stimulated, so that is why we are just doing a drive by.  We’ll will go really slowly around so she will see everyone!

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TGI Fridays benefit is September 22 at Hyde Park


Come to TGI Friday Hyde Park on September 22nd for the
Shannon and Jade Recovery Trust Charity Event.

Hyde Park     TGI Friday’s    3780 Paxton Ave  Cincinnati, Ohio 45209  513-321-5121

All you need to do is come in for Lunch, Dinner, or Togo and TGI FRIDAYS will donate a percentage of all sales (except alcohol, tax, and gratuity). Print out the flyer and cut out the card at the bottom. Then make sure you turn this in to your Server when you pay the bill.

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Thursday Sept 15 – Shannon writes “Hi guys…well it’s been a while since I have given an update. The past few days have been full of ups & downs. Jade remembers more every day which can be a little much for her at times, especially the memories of the collapse. She longs for and is emotional about coming home. She doesn’t care for therapy or her hand writing. She tested as an 8th grade speller today but has a very difficult time with her eye sight. Please pray for a soon homecoming. Thank you all, I’m well…chat soon.”

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Benefit Concert this FRIDAY September 9th at Florence Freedom 6:00pm

The Florence Freedom is proud to join B105 and local country artist
Cef Michael   in bringing Nashville to Northern Kentucky.

Special Guests will include:
Cef Michael –    Coy Taylor   –  Rachel Lynn and Josh of Mostly Gentleman
Jason Owens –    Sami Riggs  –  Shawn Hammonds  –    Nashville’s Roger Sims  –    And Stephanie Corbin

ALL ages are welcomed !!  Minimum donation  is just $10


River Ridge Elementary School in Villa Hills, KY is having a SPAGHETTI DINNER from 5 – 8 PM.  More information on the Spaghetti dinner can be found at http://www.kenton.k12.ky.us/school_NewsArticle.aspx?artID=2024&schoolID=35

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Thursday September 8 Update:

Hooray! Jade came back from swallow test with a huge smile on her face which means she passed. Now upon her caloric intake of both fluids and food meets their requirements-the feeding tube comes out. She started the day with some tears but this gives her some hope and SMILES!

Monday September 5 Update:

Thank you everybody for showing your BIG LOVE – Shannon and Jade went on a wheelchair excursion today around the hospital. Jade is smiling lots!! She asked to go to the beach today:) She also asked to watch Mary Poppins. She wanted to touch and hug and love on everyone. Thank you so much to everybody who is helping this wonderful family. Please come to the benefit concert this Friday at the Florence Freedom Ballpark 6:00-10:00. If you have questions email Heidi Fore heidifore@gmail.com

Sunday September 4 Update

Preston gets to have a sleep over tonight at the Ronald McDonald house with his mom. Jade is doing well, resting a lot today and acknowledging all that visit. Blessings little by little.

Saturday September 3 Update

When Scott (Shannon’s brother) and Colleen (Shannon’s mom) were sitting bedside, Jade opened her eyes and looked at Scott. Then she said to everyone’s amazement, “Uncle Scott………..I Love You.”  At the time Scott was caught by surprise and like any time she would tell me that he just repeated back, “I love you too honey.”  Scott told her that God has great plans for her but right now she needs to rest.  With that she shook her head, pulled her covers up and said in the sweetest voice “good night.”

Thursday, September 1 Update:

Jade is moved out of ICU and now at Methodist in an
in-patient facility for rehab. This rehab is”the next step down from
ICU” as her neurosurgeon says. We are anticipating a long slow process and
journey. This step is progress, your prayers are so appreciated. Evaluation is
tomorrow to see where she is and where she goes from here. She has made
progress and reached the next step! Praise God! Shannon is having a slightly
better day but her joints(all of them) are painful 😦

Friday Update: Shannon went back to the ER this morning with a 102.2 fever. Looking for the source of infection, doctors looked at chest Xrays, blood culture tests, urine test, and there may be a possible cat scan. After running the tests, doctors found a small infected hematoma in pleura plus pneurothorax. Shannon is being admitted again to the hospital and she should see thoracic surgeons within next 3 hours. PRAY. PRAY. PRAY. Pray for Shannon and Jade to have some comfort and healing today.

Wednesday Update: Urgent prayer is needed for Shannon, the pain is immense. Not only is the burn on her thigh painful but pain from the multiple broken bones (4 ribs, 4 vertebrae and left pelvis) has her in pain at every moment of the day. Shannon is very upset because it is preventing her from seeing Jade. Please pray aggressively for her healing. Those of you that personally know Jade, know she is such a sensitive and caring girl; Shannon doesn’t want her to be aware of how much her Mom is hurting. The pain is very intense and difficult to hide. Hopefully when the 3rd degree burn grafting is complete the pain will diminish. She is still in The Ronald McDonald House at Riley Children’s but is only able to see Jade minimally because of her pain. I pray that God will relieve her pain and give her comfort. Jade has made progress today but is still not out of the woods. She shows signs of brain activity daily and she is fighting to get better every step of the way.  She at one point coughed out her breathing tube.  Because of her movement they have had to place arm restraints on her and this alone has her very agitated and uncomfortable. She is still right on the edge of being aware.  Please pray that her doctors can make all the right decisions for her. Pray that God can heal her injuries and bring back that lovely little 10 year old that we all know and loved being around.

Tuesday Update: Things went well today. Jade progressed more-no big news. Shannon got released from the hospital and is struggling with so much pain. She now staying in the Ronald McDonald House at the Riley Children’s Hospital. This way she can be even closer to Jade. She is still in high amounts of pain, so please pray for her. Thankfully Shannon’s mother (Colleen) and sister (Trisha) are able to be there to help when needed. God Bless them for their care and love.

Monday Update: Shannon still has an open 3rd degree burn the diameter of a tennis ball uncorrected on the back of her leg.   Please continue to pray for full recovery and rehab. Second prayer-she will be well enought to sign “Stuck Like Glue” with Sugarland at the Benefit Concert.

Sunday Update: Shannon is improving daily! Today was good except for an old bitter nurse! Her burn is looking better but still very painful! Jade started the day with a setback and had to be reintubated. She was strong through that and then the end of the day was wonderful! At one point today she was responsive and moving a ton! She saw her dance teacher Emily and there was a smile in her eyes and on her face! They say maybe Tuesday if all goes well doctors will try to fully wake her up! God is so good! Please everyone keep praying for the Walcotts and the Bergers!

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